Abis (2019)

Abyss is an essay film about Irinel Liciu (1928-2002), a First Soloist of the Romanian Opera in Bucharest in the 50s and 60s, recognized both in Romania and abroad. A unique personality, loved by the audience and appreciated by some Romanian communist leaders, she led a discreet life once her artistic activity ended, with rare public appearances. For more than four decades she was the wife of the poet Ștefan Augustin Doinaș. In May 2002, she committed suicide in her apartment a few hours after her husband's death. At the time, the event was covered by the press, with an emphasis on the shocking, sensational drama.
The film discusses the artist's condition during the communist regime, attempting, through interviews with those who knew Irinel Liciu, to get an insight into her enigmatic personality. The film premiered at BOZAR Brussels in December 2019 at the Europalia Festival, being produced by the 4Culture Association in Bucharest.