Looking for Caslav (2002)

The project Looking for Caslav involved the creation of an artistic situation. On the occasion of an exhibition organised in 2002 in the city of Cacak in Southern Serbia on the topic of memory, I set out to meet again, after 20 years, with Caslav, a Serbian citizen whom I had met in 1982 at a market in Turnu-Severin (Romania).
I had not communicate at all with Caslav between 1982 and 2002 and, because of this, the exhibition organisers and myself had to undertake a very thorough research in order to find him. To my pleasant surprise, Caslav had survived all the wars that had ruined former Yugoslavia in the '90s...


Matei Bejenaru, Looking for Caslav, DVD video, 7min, 2002


Matei Bejenaru, Caslav’s portrait made from my memory a few days before our meeting in Cacak, august 2002


Letter sent to Caslav, 5 September 2002

Caslav’s notebook from 1982 with my home adress.


Matei Bejenaru and Caslav Milosevic, Cacak (Serbia), September 2002


The video was presented in the exhibitions:
Personal-Public Space, group show, Cacak (Serbia), curator: Zoran Eric, 2002
Strawberry Fields Forever, solo show, Galeria Noua Bucharest, 2005
I work. I produce. I control, Galeria ZONA, Lodz (Poland), curator: Livia Pancu, 2011


Matei Bejenaru, Looking for Caslav, video, Personal-Public Space Exhibition, Cacak (Serbia), curator: Zoran Eric, 2002