Darkroom mobile kit (2013)

The project was realised at the Kettle's Yard Art Centre in Cambridge (United Kingdom) during a year-long collaboration; it consisted in the assembly of a portable kit that contained all the equipment needed in order to process photographs in a darkroom. The central piece was my first Krokus enlarger, which I had purchased in the early '90s. The rough design of the kit reminds the viewer of the aesthetic of Eastern European products from the communist era and of Duchamp's "suitcases".
The kit was assembled in Romania, then transported by car and donated to the Cambridge art centre, where I held analogue photography workshops with pupils and students.
As part of the same project I also published a "user's guide" for the kit; from an artistic point of view, the project is a response to the technological colonisation of the East by the West.

The Darkroom Mobile Kit


The Krokus 4 Polish enlarger, produced in 1978 and donated to Kettle's Yard


The Iasi-Cambridge route