Enlarged Clothing (2005)

The project reflects the way post-communist Romania was integrated in the globalised economy. Outsourced production, a result of Western manufacturers outsourcing policies, is characteristic to the Romanian economy. In the case of this project I analysed CMT ("cut, make&trim" – an outsourcing method in the garments industry), bearing in mind that in the early 2000s Romania was one of the largest exporters in Europe in this domain.
Starting from an algorithm for the calculation of price, I had made to order in a Romanian factory oversized clothes, enlarging their dimensions according to the profit margin of a Western company operating at the time in Romania.


The work was presented in the exhibitions:
Situated Self, group show, Museum for Contemporary Art Belgrade (SRB), Tennis Art Museum Helsinki (FI), curators: Branislav Dimitrevic & Mika Haanula, 2005
Strawberry Fields Forever, solo show, Galeria Noua, Bucharest (RO), 2005
Dacia, Lille 3000 Festival, Galerie Comune Tourcoing (F), curator: Christelle Manfredi, 2009


Matei Bejenaru, Enlarged Clothing, solo show, Galeria Noua Bucharest, 2005


Matei Bejenaru, Enlarged Clothing, Galerie Comune Tourcoing (F), curator: Christelle Manfredi, 2009