Print (2021)

The project is part of a wider research on the history and technological platforms specific to photography. Print’s object of study is the support material of photographs, with a focus on the concreteness and significance of the photographic print, seen both as a sculptural object and a support for visual information. Prints of different sizes (silver and platinum palladium prints) refer to the historical term fine art print, characterized by formal aesthetic attributes mainly (photographic composition, dynamic range of grays, tonal separations, contrast and local texture, materiality, thickness and color of the photographic paper).
The object-images stand for a visual archive of the remnants of industrial work inherited from the communist period (metal processing by casting and cutting). There are several similarities and clues of interpretation of the subject in relation to the support material on which the image is printed (the metal’s materiality, the brutality of the subject in contrast with the frailty of the print which in turn contains fine concentrations of metals).

The project was presented in June-July 2021 at Artep Gallery in Iasi (RO), curated by Cristian Nae.


Print 01.2021, 3 silver gelatin prints, selenium toned, 105x140cm each, edition 5+2AP, 2021


Print 02.2021, installation, one platinum palladium print, 40x50cm framed, two silver gelatin prints, selenium toned, 50x60cm each, one platinum palladium print, unframed 50x60cm, platinum palladium calibration test, stainless steel shelf, edition 3+1AP, 2021


Print 02.2021, detail of the installation


Print 02.2021, platinum palladium calibration test, detail of the installation


Print 03.2021, platinum palladium print, 43x54cm, plexiglass box, edition 3+1AP, 2021