Strawbery fields forever (2002)

The project analysed the situation of Romanians working legally in Spanish farms, being paid minimum wages. After a documentation visit to a strawberry farm in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain), I put on a performance  at the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture, during which I made strawberry jam. On the jam jar labels I also wrote the hourly wages paid to the Romanian workers picking the strawberries.


Performance at eBent Festival, CCB Barcelona, curator: Maria Cosmes, 2002 


Matei Bejenaru, Strawberry Fields Forever, performance, eBent Festival, CCCB Barcelona (E), curator: Maria Cosmes, 2002



The photo documentation of the performance was presented in the exhibitions:
Strawberry Fields Forever, solo show, Galeria Boua Bucharest, 2005
Social Cooking Romania, group show, NGBK Berlin, curator: Dan Mihaltianu, 2007