From A la B, Barnova (2016)

The ideas, impressions, emotions and intense mental states that occurred during a reflection march in the Barnova forest near Iaşi have been turned into a poem written together with the literary critic Doris Mironescu. The project is presented as a screening of slides that uses a Kodak Carousel, having as a soundtrack field recordings taken during the walk, together with a thought diagram based on which the poem was written.


Images from the slide projection, From A to B, Barnova Forest, Iasi, 2016


Diagram of the reflection march:

    - the texture of the trees, which gives opacity to the image perceived visually
    - the infinity of vegetal structures
    - the fear of solitude
    - the slow progress through the mud
    - the loss of horizon and the spatial disorientation
    - the natural space as an exotic, romantic space
    - the objectivation of nature through sensory visions
    - the contemplation of nature as a starting point for building mental spaces that are independent from sensory perception and intuition
    - the cyclic quality of nature



on a plane, a point is moving increasingly faster
soon, it meets a random plane and splits into two points
that move increasingly faster on the new plane

in their turn, later on, the points repeat this process, which goes on endlessly

nothing is heard, nothing is seen
there are only rectilinear paths at various angles

after a while, the points form an expanding dynamic structure
the infinite points continue to move unimaginably fast
and, step by step, they are pulverised into structures of countless, dimensionless points

in their chaotic and perpetual movement, they cease to exist

the dilated time becomes viscous, a witness to the countless divisions
at a given moment, all the points gather into a single one,
which is moving increasingly faster on a plane
until it meets another randomly-oriented plane
and divides into two points.

(poem written by Matei Bejenaru in collaboration with Doris Mironescu)